She is our BEST friend and helps us through the day! We love Sugar!
– John and Gail

Baby Skittles

I’m 68 and these two Yorkies are the BEST dogs I’ve ever owned!


I choose baby Skittles when she was one day old. Eileen’s home was a very special environment of happy puppies and friendly adult dogs. I was able to visit Skittles several times before bringing her home and each time I walked in the puppies were happily playing and the the parents came over to me. I could tell all the babies were given so much attention! I fell so much in love with Skittles healthy happy go lucky spirit, I just had to have her sister Snickers 1 year later! It takes lots of commitment to keep my beautiful girls groomed but it’s worth every minute to have them lay in my lap to brushed! Because they had a healthy beginning with Eileen, I have two beautiful girls! On windy days, it’s kinda fun to see Snickers smile and enjoy her run 🤣👌🏻 I’m looking forward to adding to my family one of Eileen’s Party Yorkie next! Thank you Eileen for blessing me with the loves of my life!

Chocolate Party Boy

My name is Dannell Saari and I bought a precious chocolate Parti Boy from Eileen in September 2020. She has been an amazing breeder from the beginning. I’m an upcoming new breeder with lots of questions. She’s been there and answered every question I’ve had about not only the dog I bought from her but for my own dogs as well. She’s been very helpful to me in mentoring me with my own program. My chocolate party boy is an amazing dog in so many ways. He carries 15 different colors, with a sweet gentle personality and the perfect size. I will be buying another dog from her soon. Would highly recommend.


– Dannell Saari

Jasmine and Daphnie

I just adore my sweet little Parti Yorkies, Jasmine and Daphne! They are half-sisters from Eileen‘s litters of pups. They are seven months apart, Jasmine 8lbs/ 1.5 yrs old & Daphne 6lbs/10.5 months old. They love to play together (chase, tug of war with toys & even hide & seek!). I couldn’t be happier to have the both of them, they bring so much joy in my life, I just adore and love them both to pieces!


Kind regards,
Lanette Hill

Jasper Joseph and Phoebe Roberts

Jasper Joseph Roberts just turned “1” on January 11th. He is an old
soul dog. He is so quirky, and so lovable he enjoys being a homebody.
He talks to us when he is mad at his sister Phoebe Roberts who will be
turning “1” the end of February. She is sassy and into everything and
loves to go places. They are good friends and play hard together and
are so much fun for us. We just adore them and we are so thankful
they are part of our family.


Lisa & Dennis Roberts


Skylar is a sweet fun loving girl. She loves to play chase. She is such an inquisitive girl. Nothing gets by her. It’s funny that she can actually spot planes in the sky and watches them as they go by. She loves to go “bye bye” She loved wrestling and playing with our other girl Hadley.